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NEW YORK GENERAL TRADING L.L.C was established year 2003 in Dubai U.A.E. It was in 1990 when the activities of our company already started, with only small number of staff in a short span of time the company gained a good name in the business circle. We have worked with big companies like Mitsubishi, Daewoo, Toyota, Hyundai & Mazda.

NEW YORK GENERAL TRADING L.L.C was first deal with Auto Spare Parts and fortunately has experienced rapid growth over the years due to our incomparable personalized services. Newyork general trading aspires to be a leading provider of innovative technical products & support services in the entire world. Day by day we increased our economical activities and business in different aspects especially in the investment and technical fields.

Our business based in New York is a share holder and member of the board in “Investment Of Georgia”. We have invested in different countries like Georgia, Turkey, East Europe, CIS, South Africa, Azerbaijan, South Korea, local market of U.A.E and soon starting in other countries.